Commitment to a Safely Operating Industry


APT Brick and Block understands how important it is to our business and the industry as a whole that everyone does the right thing on site.

We are taking the COVID-19 situation very seriously and are committed to compliance with the State Government Guidelines for Best Practice for Managing Construction Sites in the Coronavirus Environment.

Some of the specific measures that we have in place include:

    • Regular training and screening with our team, including ensuring that they have not had contact with any unwell persons and that they do not have any flu-like symptoms
    • Team practicing good hygiene including regular handwashing, not touching their face and coughing into elbow
    • Use of remote meetings wherever possible – in particular our Director Andrew is on site minimally and connects with the team via video link. This ensures he is always able to replace any site manger at moments notice if required and keep the job moving.
    • Deputy program in place with team and managers to ensure that in the unlikely event that an APT team member had to self-isolate, other staff will have had no contact with that person and can immediately step in to ensure the project progresses as normal.
    • All work onsite to observe the physical distancing of 1.5m or greater.
    • Work around others has been significantly reduced to very minimal.
    • Workers have their own handtools.
    • Shared tools are minimalised and must be sanitised before and after use.
    • Use of PPE including own pair of gloves, to be used as much as possible.
    • APT have checked and secured all our regular supply chains and can report that our supplies/stock levels are secure and plentiful.
    • Use of online and onsite deliveries for supplies.

As an integral part of your construction project, APT Brick and Block are committed to the highest standards of safety, communication and professionalism, to keep your project, and our industry, up and running for all.