Andrew Teekens from APT Brick and Block has been working within the Melbourne area for 35 years. He originally started working in bricklaying and then moved into the highly specialized area of glass brick laying. It was through this type of work that Andrew discovered his passion for detailed, high quality, precision work. Andrew has been self employed for over 20 years and has worked with a range of professional service providers such as architects, builders both residential and commercial and the higher end owner builders looking to do renovations, restorations, new builds and modifications.

The last 6 years APT Brick and Block has been undertaking a greater level of commercial work, with high quality requirements and the necessity to stick 100% to deadlines. An area they pride themselves in. Andrew is sought after for his fine eye for detail and willingness to take on difficult jobs and sites. APT Brick and Block laying works with prestige builders, architect design and heritage listed buildings.

Andrew and his team’s passion is jobs requiring a high level of detailed work. They would rather spend a little more time to ensure a much better outcome. They thrive on seeing perfect results and seeing an architects vision come to fruition. This is what sets them apart from the competition. It isn’t until you have seen standard block and brick laying that you can really see the difference Andrew and his team provide.

Andy and his team take pride in their workmanship and they deliver quality results. I would not hesitate to recommend Andy and the APT team to other construction firms” is just one of the many compliments at APT Brick and Block get on a regular basis. Don’t take our word for it, look at what others have to say.

From time to time APT are looking for a qualified bricklayer or apprentice that appreciates the refined brick & block work that we do.

If you are interested in recruitment opportunities at APT Brick & Block Laying, please email us to arrange a confidential chat.

For all your Brick laying, Block laying, Stonework and restoration needs get in contact with Andrew and the team at APT Brick and Block to compare the difference.

If you are looking for inspiration for your next project there are a large range of project images available within the gallery.